Hey, I am Sudeep Giri the founder of Tricky career.

Tricky Career is the ultimate guide for people who are looking forward to make a  career out of blogging.

Blogging as Career? 

Blogging is one of the best careers to choose.

Imagine yourself working for a 9-5 job.

Every day the same schedule get up early and leave for the job come home exhausted and sleep and then follow the same routine next day.

But a blogger doesn’t need to work under anyone. Running a blog is like running a small company that keeps growing with each post.

You don’t have to wear formals, follow orders, and rules.

If you want to work the whole night do it and sleep until 1 pm the next day.

You want to work with a cigarette in one hand and a tea in other while sitting on the roof of a building then do it. No one stops you.

You are your own boss. Learn to make your own blog.

So I chose to start a blog and be away from the monotonous and normal life

I here at Tricky Career writes about everything related to Blog and Blogging.

But there are many blogs out there which are focused on Blogging…



When you read those big famous and popular blogs and you follow their steps then there is a high probability that you might get stuck at some point.

Then what?

You can’t ask the founder of that page about your problems and even if you do email them. They are not that kind to reply you back or they are very busy making their blog more successful.

But my primary concern here is to provide personal guidance to whoever come to seek guidance. Making it popular is a secondary concern.

I made Tricky Career to be as interactive as it can be.

If you ever get stuck at any point in the process of starting a blog or any blogging related topic or you want to ask about anything feel free to contact.

Just email me and I will try to get back to you as fast as I can.

I don’t want the same thing to happen with you as I had to face.

If you have anything good to share with me then also you can email me.

I want to make Tricky Career the most interactive blog over the Internet.

Apart from that

Who Is Sudeep Giri?

Here is a snap of mine
Sudeep Giri - Tricky Career

When I’m not blogging and thinking about the awesome content I can add to my blog.

I love traveling and exploring new places.

Love to make new friends and to chill around.

I am a bit shy that’s why started a blog because I think blogging is the best way to express feelings and providing solutions to people over the world.

I made Tricky Career after several failed attempts and with every failure, I learned something new and better.

So here I share my failure experience so that you never have to face them.

That’s it from my side for now.

I will keep adding new experiences of my life.

Keep visiting.