Affiliate Marketing What? How?The Hotshot Ride to Earn Money

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Affiliate Marketing… What? How?

The most cliched things I hear about Affiliate Marketing in the blogging world is that…

Ohh! it is too easy to earn through Affiliate Marketing.

UGhhh! Wait… Before I start on this topic.

Let me First tell you:

What actually is Affiliate Marketing?

As you can see there is a Marketing term involved in it… So basically you “THE AFFILIATE” the “one who wants to earn money” applies to an affiliate program and in return, you get a link to a product (or maybe a lot of products in some cases).

… The link you get supposedly (sometimes) contains an offer that you put on your website and ask your visitors to make a purchase through it.

And when they do so, you get your commission.


You might be wondering, well that seems too easy to earn.

So let me put a break on your chain of thoughts…

I’m not gonna make you start thinking about getting a $1000 cheque at your doorstep just after getting the affiliate link,

There is a hell lot of work to do, to even get your first purchase.

When you are not a brand and just starting out. It is even more difficult to earn money through Affiliate program because people don’t trust easily.

So, it is advisable not to stuff your newly constructed website with affiliate links.

If you are thinking people are going to come to your site and say…

Hey, look there is an amazing deal. We can’t miss it.

Let me tell you one thing that’s going to happen.




Still no purchase.

Earning through Affiliate link is an art that you need to master.

Don’t get disheartened by the thoughts I have shared above, People depends on Affiliate marketing to move their cycle of life.


I had to because many bloggers seem to deviate people and make them seem that earning through Affiliate Marketing is way too easy.

Here are some tips, I think can come handy for a Newbie Affiliate Marketer:

1. Whatever you are trying to sell to your audience. Be Honest with them.

Being Honest is the first key principle you should get your hands on…

Whatever product you are marketing, tell it’s Pros and Cons.

Master the art of telling Cons in such a way that it might not sound like an important. Something they could handle up with.

But never give fake feedback…

Because once they get to know that you are doing it just for profit and not for their benefit, they are never coming back to your site.

Give Honest feedback to your audience.

2. Actually, use that product.

Putting myself in the “buying persona” frame,

I would love to use a product that is actually being used by the person who is trying to convince me to buy it.

Won’t it?

It will make me think that,

Ohh! so he/she actually uses it. Ok! let me get it too.

I think this could increase the purchase by 2X.

3. Give them 4 options and ask them to choose 1

This is the real deal…


What I want to tell here is that…

Suppose you are trying to sell, a JBL Headphone.

Compare it with 3 other companies Headphone in the same price range and make them feel that this is the best Headphone they can opt for in this price range.

It would make your audience feel that this Guy is actually trying to sell me the best of the best.

4. Try it to put original pictures of the product.

Just as I told, if you yourself use the product you are trying to sell the purchase can go 2X.

Same way try to add your self-clicked pictures of the product.

While buying a product online…

I’m like this thing looks so perfect. Order placed.

Ting tong…

Woohoo… here comes my order.

Opens it with lightning speed. and you know what…

It doesn’t even look close to what it was shown online.

So if you can add a self-clicked image of the product this will make your visitor have an actual feel for the product the way it is going to look in real.

Affiliate Marketing programs:

There are tons out there.

I’m Going to tell you about few popular ones:

1. Amazon

2. Bluehost

3. Godaddy

4. Hostgator

5. Namecheap

6. ThemeForest

7. Ipage

I mean you can find a list of Affiliate program here. There are heck a lot of them.

But you should choose them carefully don’t dive into each one of them.

Rather try to specialize in one,

The more specific you are better the results.

Hope you find good results and do share your experiences with me.