Top 11 Sources To Get Free Images For Blog: Find that Perfect Image

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Yeah, it sucks finding that one perfect image for your blog post and that too for free.
Being a blogger you can’t just grasp on commercial images or eventually, you will be penalized.

When I started blogging I found it difficult to find images and randomly kept on searching for images on Google but they weren’t the one I was actually searching for and most of them were not allowed to be used commercially.

Later on, I learned how to search for free images on Google. Yes! You can do that but those images will not be the one you are looking for.

And one day I hit the bottom line: Found the gold mine; I would like to share it with you.

All these sites provide high-quality free images and that too for free.

Top 11 sources to get free images for blog:

1. Unsplash 

Unsplash - Free images for blog

When you see something like this “do whatever you want” with over 200,000 photos. You know you have laid your hands on something awesome. If you haven’t been on Unsplash or you don’t know about it will become your no. 1 source of free images.

2.  Pixabay

Pixabay landing page


Pixabay is another gem in the field of free images. I personally use it quite often. Here you can not only find quality images but also Quality videos to add to your blog and make it stand out from the crowd.
It has over 1,130,000 images to choose from.
Aren’t you feeling lucky?

Keep going down there is too much left…

3. free images for blog source

One thing I like about is that it offers a TON more images than Unsplash does. Their team is dedicated to find and carefully selects the highest quality, highest resolution photos from around the web and from photographers. And the best part is they make it very easy for you to search within categories.

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4. Pexels

Free images for blog source


From energetic beaches to lifeless deserts, from selfies to light trails they have got it all covered.
When you hit the landing page you can’t leave it without appreciating the images they have selected and the photographer too.
Pexels is more than enough to find a nice image for your blog post.

5. Getrefe

Are you a food blogger, a lifestyle blogger, a travel blogger,  or an entrepreneur?
If the answer to any of the above question is Yes! You won’t find a better image source than Getrefe.
Just hit the category button and take whatever you want for free.

6. Albumarium

Albumarium free image source

This place isn’t much crowded as others but if you are a wildlife blogger. You will certainly find something like:

Ohh! wow, I was looking for this only” kind of stuff.
And don’t forget to check their popular albums they disappoint anyone.

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7. Librestock

Trickycareer - Get free images

LibreStock is like the Google for stock photos. Nature, street photo or landscape images this is what you are desiring for As I said earlier it is like Google for images. It searches over the 47 free stock photo websites to give you whatever you are looking for.

You have got the name. What are you waiting for?

8. Lifeofpix

Lifeofpix image source

Do you believe that photos can speak? No! not like the one in Harry Potter but do you feel that each photo tells a story?

Don’t you?

Then you got to visit this Website. Every photo you see on this Website will tell you a story. If you are lifestyle blogger you should bookmark this website.

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9. Fancy Crave

This is how Fancy crave welcomes you at their website focuses on providing 2 free authentic images from real people. All the images come under CC0 license so you can use them for your blog without second thoughts.

10. Magdeleine



Magdeleine’s goes by the slogan, “hand-picked free photos for your inspiration.”

Are you a travel blogger and still finding it hard to find free images for blog? Well! the wait is over…
Magdeleine offers breathtaking photos from all around the globe. Have a look and you’ll figure out soon.

Ideal source for lifestyle blogs too!

11. Death to the stock photo


Free images for blog - Source

DeathtoStock is new in the business but one of the top images sources recommended by designers, bloggers, and creatives. You’ll soon find out why once you start browsing. Unfortunately, there’s no search option here, but keep scrolling down and you might come across a few rare photos you’ll like!

Do you think I missed something important?

Which of the source did you use already?

Which one did you like the most?

  1. Hi SUDEEP,
    Very useful article for bloggers, thanks for sharing.
    Pixabay- Best Website for HD Images for blog
    And Also-
    Free Digital Photos- Also a good site for HD Images for blog

    • Sudeep Giri

      Thanks Manish for the appreciation
      Try Unsplash also, they too provide HD images.

      In the next update, I will surely consider Free Digital Photos.Thank you for suggesting