How to choose a Domain name: 3 Important points I wish I knew

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How to Choose a Domain Name: It is an art that you need to master

Are you thinking of starting a blog and registering a domain name but not sure how to approach?

You are lucky enough; today I will tell you how to choose a domain name that will make an impact on the success of your blog.

At the end of this post, you will be having a great approach to choose a domain name.

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How to choose a domain name

How to choose a domain name


Important points to keep in Mind while choosing:

1. Should be unique
2. Shorter in size
3. Pronounceable

let’s break down the process.

3 vital points on How to choose a domain name

The name of your domain is something that you have to live forever with. So, it should be unique.

I would even recommend having a name that has no meaning at all.

For example, we have Moz and Backlinko.

These are 2 well-established blogs out there on the internet.

What I learned from them about the domain name is that they have a domain name that actually doesn’t have any meaning.

Moz = no meaning in English Dictionary

Backlinko = no meaning in English Dictionary

How does it help?

If you search for MOZ or Backlinko even without using the extension (.com). There is no competitor left for them. So only they are the one that will top the search Engine.

What did I learn?

A domain name should be a self-made keyword for which only you should rank for, at the top of Google. Are you getting what I mean?

The domain name should be as small as possible like Moz and as sexy as Backlinko.

Next Point:

When you hear the name Backlinko what possibly goes through your mind.

This website is probably about Backlink. Doesn’t it?

It indeed is…

… and by this what I meant to tell you:

Is that your domain name must be tweaked in such a way that it tells the reader what your Blog/Website is all about. If you can and you actually should invest a great deal of time in finding that perfect domain name for your blog.

>The domain name should:

be pronounceable…
have an easy spelling…
be easy to remember…

Worst Case Scenario Rule:
Worst case scenario rule image

Suppose you register a very tough word ( as your domain name and one day you get a reader on your blog who loves the content on your blog but somehow forgets to bookmark it.

After some days that happy reader wants to read your blog again. And looks for your blog in the bookmarks but couldn’t find it there.

Now he/she tries to remember the name, & tries hard and do a random search for the name but all in vain.

So, taking the Worst Case Scenario that a visitor will visit your website only once you should, choose a name that he/she remembers forever.

In case if he/she ever wishes to revisit your blog they can easily remember the name.

Quick Steps on How to choose a domain name:

Decide your Niche on which you are going to start a blog.

After deciding your niche.

Make sure to have a domain name that resonates with your niche.

I made a mistake I don’t want you to do the same.

There is too much to learn from other.

Find other blogs in your niche see what others are using as their domain name.

Make a list of domain names that you think, can best suit your blog/website. Ask as many people as you can what they think about the shortlisted Domain names you have and ask for their reviews and suggestion.


The domain name has a very great impact on the success of your blog. So do invest your time.

Do Research and find the perfect name.

Do not forget to share the domain name here in the comment section.

You can also share the shortlisted name you have with you I can guide you find the best of them…

Do you think I’m missing something important here? Do let me know…

  1. Nicely written Article. Yeah, it is true if your domain name didn’t match with any dictionary meaning then it has more opportunity to rank in the Google.
    Thanks for sharing a valuable content!

    • Sudeep Giri

      Thank you, Ashutosh.
      I’m glad that you liked it.

  2. Hi.,
    Domain name Should be unique, Shorter in size, Pronounceable.
    Unique and Different Domain name Decrease the competition and rank higher in Google.
    Thanks for Sharing…

    Manish Dhiman

    • Sudeep Giri

      Yes! Manish.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.