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So, Recently you got to know about blogs and you were amazed by the opportunities it provides.

Now, you want to know, How to start a blog of your own?

Starting a blog is easy or we can say very very easy and hardly takes 20 – 30 minutes, that you will get to know about in this post but it should be done the right way.

Because every day thousands of blogs are made but only a few remain active or make their presence on the internet.


Because they followed the wrong path. Many blogs are abandoned within a few months because they never see the results and end up giving up.

But you don’t need to worry.

Note: “Have you been searching for “How to start a blog” or “How do I make a blog” lately but not been able to create one. Because you are still thinking if you should spend money on it or not. Now is the time you should stop thinking and start doing. Starting a blog will only cost you around Rs 2000- Rs4000 for a YEAR that’s only  Rs 166- Rs 333 per month, you can easily manage it,  not a big deal plus you learn infinite things through blogging and also earn money. So stop wasting time on just reading and start living a blogger life. And I will stand alongside you if you need any kind of help be it blogging or anything else. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME”

I will tell you all the Dos and Dont’s of How to start a blog?

All your questions on, How to do this and that will be answered in this post.

So grab a cup of coffee and a pen to write down important points.

Let’s start a blogging journey together from the very beginning.

If you ever get stuck email me. Never hesitate to email me I really look into every email and try to solve the problem.


How to start a blog

Before jumping on to How to start a blog topic. I want to ask you one question first.

Ever wondered?  Why so many people search for How to start a blog these days?

Because it is one of the best career options for today’s generation as the numbers of users on the internet are growing day by day.

And If you do it the right way. There are 99% chances that you can earn a handsome amount of money through blogging.

So let’s learn…HOW TO START A BLOG

There is a famous saying,”Money Makes Money”.

You may be wondering why I wrote this quote? Does it make any sense here?

Yes, it does and is the most important factor of all.

If you want to start a blog just for fun and you are not serious about it then you should go for a free website.
Wordpress, Wix, Tumblr, and Blogger all offer a free website.

But if you want to make blogging your career or want to monetize it later then I will recommend you to go for a self-hosted website. NEVER go for a free website.

Why not a free website?

You don’t have full control on your website. If the provider ever feels like removing your account it can. No notification & all your hard work just vanished within seconds.

The domain name ( will contain the name of the provider ( or

Okay! tell me which one looks good, or

Obviously, the first one right?

Plus the domain name( gives the sense of seriousness, people generally search to solve their queries over the internet why would they engage in a free blog.

They might think this blog is just for fun and its information may or may not be accurate.

It’s very hard to get approval from Adsense that is the primary source of earning for many bloggers.

A free website has very limited things to do.

Lesser themes, plugins, opportunities to earn etc.

So, it is highly recommended that you go for a self-hosted blog.

Decide your Blogging platform :

After researching almost 1000+ blogs I have come to the conclusion that WordPress is the king of Blogging platform as it is used by almost 48% users of the total websites in the world.

Isn’t that great?

But Why people choose WordPress over others?

Nothing goes on top in such a cut throat competition without having super awesome qualities.

WordPress is the simplest of all.

You don’t need to be a coder to design your website. It has lovely themes and the best part is they are free.

It has free plugins to make your blogging journey much simpler. You won’t believe it has plugins for almost everything you can think of.

Every hosting provider has a one press WordPress installation.

So you don’t have to sweat out to install WordPress on your Website.

Just one click and zap WordPress Installed.Isn’t that super easy?

(Well there are certain things to take care of after installation of WordPress, I will cover it in different post)

Now you have to choose a Domain name and  Web Hosting provider:

What is a Domain name?

Domain name is simply the Url of your website like,, or etc.

The first step on How to start a blog is finding a right domain name of your website.

Decide a name that is simple to remember by your user and if it can also give the sense of your service that will be very good.

How to choose a domain name

Please please don’t use your super creative skills here. I have seen domain names like and

In Actual it is Pen IsLand and Who represents but you now know how much differences the domain name can create.

So it is very important that you spend a great deal of time to think about the domain name and come out with something short and informative plus unique.

The cost of domain name generally ranges from 0$ – 10 $  per year.

Hostsoch provides a free domain name for a life time.

Did you get super excited, oh! wow, it’s free.

Hold your horses and keep scrolling there are many things to consider…

What is Web Hosting provider?

Web Hosting provider makes your blog live i.e It is Hosting provider with the help of which your blog is visible on the internet.

It stores the blog address and the content you write on your website.

Web Hosting provider plays an important role in the performance of your website i.e page load speed (time taken by the web page to load) & Uptime (the time for which web hosting provider keep their system up it is generally calculated in %).

You really don’t want a site whose speed is slow.

Here is something really cool to look for while deciding which web hosting to go for.

While choosing the web hosting provider don’t give money the first priority. There is no wonder why branded clothes are expensive than local one, they certainly have some qualities.

And if you want to make your blog successful you must consider the performance of hosting provider over money.

As a beginner, choose the cheapest plan provided. You can always upgrade it later whenever you feel like.

Once you have bought a Domain Name and Web Hosting Provider you will be provided with a password to your Control panel (Cpanel).

Cpanel of WEB hosting provider

This is how control panel looks like. It may be different for different Web Hosting Provider.

Scroll down to find the software section. There you will find WordPress

Control Panel view

Software and application section

Now, As I told you earlier Installing WordPress is the easiest part in starting a blog. Just click the install button and wait for the installation.

It hardly takes 10-20 seconds to install.

Once you are done with the installation part you will need to fill out some details.

You will be asked to fill the details about your website name and all.

You will need to set a password for your installed WordPress admin account.


Make sure to leave the directory folder empty it comes with wp (WordPress) by default.

If you don’t leave it empty then by default your domain will be installed in a subdirectory, not in the root folder.

And your visitors won’t be able to see your website.

People generally install it in wp directory until they are done with the development of their site.

The Url is generally like 

Congratulations! Now you know how to start a blog… 


2. What to do After your blog is Live?

Once your blog is Live. You need to add different things and make changes to your blog.

Add themes, plugins, contact form, subscription form, and many more things.

Make it visible to search engines.

Let’s learn all this…

Log into your WordPress admin account.

This is how it looks.

WordPress dashboard - How to start a blog

WordPress Dashboard

WordPress admin account contains following things:

1. Dashboard
2. Posts
3. Media
4. Pages
6. Appearance
7. Plugins
8. Users
9. Tools
10. Settings.

Get familiar with all the elements of WordPress

1. Dashboard

How to start a blog

When you log into your WordPress admin account the landing page is called the Dashboard.

2. Posts

The content of your website is written in this section or we can say it is used to update the blog section of your website.

If you want to add a new post or edit or update posts go to this section.

The WordPress writing editor is very easy to use.

Learn How to write a blog post

3. Media

All the images that you upload to your website are stored in this section. You can have a look at all your uploaded pictures here.

4. Pages

This section is used to create new pages like Home, Blog, About and Contact us page.

These are some typical pages that you see on almost every website.

You can name them differently like If your blog is about Gyming.

Then you can make Home, About Us, Get in Contact and the blog section can be divided into different parts like Bulk training, Weight gain exercise etc.
It all depends on your creativity.

To get better understanding have a look at the pages of this website


Comments section holds all the comments made on your posts.You can see the comments as well as reply them back.
Always reply to whoever comments on your blog.
A blogger needs to be as social as he/she can.
If you engage with your visitors then they will surely like to visit your blog again.

6. Appearance

Appearance section - How to start a blog

Appearance section

This is one of the most important sections of the Dashboard.
You can do various things here like:
Select a theme
Customize your website
Add widgets

Widgets - How to start a blog

Widgets can be added on sidebar, footer1 and footer 2…

Add menus
Header etc.

7. Plugins

Plugins - How to start a blog


To make your blogging life easier WordPress comes with Plugins.
These are the key player in the success of a Blog.
There are thousands of free plugins to make blogging very easy.

8. Users 
This section tells you about the Author of the website.
If you hire someone to write content on your blog you can add him/her in this section.
Don’t worry you will have all the authority of the blog. Hired person won’t be able to post anything until and unless you approve it.

9. Tools

Rarely used section.

It has certain tools like “Press this” which lets you pin any image on the web.
You won’t need to use this section much.

10. Settings
This section has 6 subcategories.
In this section, you can change the name of your Site title and tagline.
Don’t make any changes in the Site Address & WordPress URL.

You can make changes in the default category posts and all. It is not used much.

You can set the front page or we can say the landing page of your website. That is if someone visits your website directly which page you want to be seen.
You can set it to your latest post or any other page.

You can also set how many blogs you want to show on the landing page.
Either to show the Summary of a blog or the full post can also be changed here.

In this section, you can set if you can manage the pingbacks and trackbacks to your site.
Allow people to comment on your posts.
Before posting comment the visitor will need to write name and email can also be managed here


In this section, you can set the maximum size of the images to be uploaded on your blog.
If the size of the image uploaded is bigger than the maximum size it will be compressed.


Settings - How to start a blog


For making your post search engine friendly check Post Name in Permalink. It will automatically set your posts Url according to the Title.

Now you know about basics of WordPress.


The next step is to make your Website visible on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

You need to register your website on search console.

See how to add a website to search console

So that the search engine knows about your website and goes through it.

Huh over.

Now you know how to start a blog and its basics.

The tough part starts now.

To make a blog successful and running. You need to do a lot of hard work.

Before you start a blog make sure you have your topic in your mind.

Decide a topic which you have great knowledge about and can provide in- depth details.


The thing is there are already tons of blogs out there for any topic you can think of. I don’t want to demotivate you but to motivate you to write better content. You can surely make yourself stand out from the crowd if you can provide better information and in a better way.

Do your research on the Niche you think you are good at and write at least 10 – 15 articles. Because to make a blog successful you will have to keep feeding it twice a week at least.

Great bloggers like Neil Patel says that Google loves those blogs which are frequent in posting and have lengthy content. Check the ideal blog post length.

I will be covering all the methods to make your blog successful and viral.

Subscribe to my blog so that you get the information right at your email.

Which hosting provider did you go for?

What is the name of your Blog?

Did you like the article and if I forgot something important please let me know through comments.

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