How To Write A Blog Post That Matters ( 8 Best Tips)

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Want to know How to Write a Blog Post That Matters?
Which type of Post holds visitor for a longer period of time?
How do you write a post that visitors can’t afford to hit the share button?

If you have been nail biting to find the answer to all the above questions then this post is tailor fitted for you.

So How to Write a Blog Post that is actually ranked on Google.

1. Catchy Title

Catchy Title - How to write a blog post

As the famous saying read ” First Impression Is the Last Impression“.

So you need to make an impression on your visitor right from the title of your post.

Your Title must contain the keyword as well as something attractive that makes the visitor click on your link among others.

It must give a sense of satisfaction.

For an example tell me which one would you prefer?

How to write a Blog post or How to Write a blog post that matters.

Obviously, the second one gives a sense of satisfaction.

So when ever you are writing the Title of your blog post make sure to make it Catchy, tangled with the focused keyword.

2. Give an Introduction of the Post 

Brief Intro - How to Write a Blog post

Don’t just jump on the topic write an attractive sweet and small intro about the post.

Provide an overview and the outcome of the post in a manner that no can resist reading.

The intro must contain all the elements of the post and a brief information.

3. Use Simple Language

It’s okay to flaunt your English vocabulary skills in front of friends and family members.

But when it comes to writing a post make sure to use the easiest word you can find.

Because no one has visited your site to check your English skills but to get the solution to their problem.

And if you use tough or less often used words so that they have to open a new tab and find the meaning they won’t stay long. No one is going to stick to your post.

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4. Do Keyword Research 

When you write a blog post. You surely want it to rank on Uncle Google (The most used search Engine). Don’t you?

But on what basis Google gives you marks? The answer is Keywords.

When someone searches anything on Google.

Google focuses on the keyword used. And goes through lakhs of blog posts and comes up with the best results. The blog post with the highest marks that is the blog post having the same keyword to that used by the user comes on the first pages of Google.

This is what every blogger desires.

So before you write a blog post make sure to do an extensive research on Keywords used for that topic. See the competition stats also and choose the keyword accordingly.


Just now you got to know, how Google algorithm works.

And you be thinking If I use the keyword in every line of my post-Uncle Google will be very happy with me & Bang on ! my page will be on the top pages of Google.

Well, Think again? Google the No.1 company in the world can be fooled so easily. NAAH !

So What is Keyword Stuffing exactly?

I guess you have a brief idea about it now. So let’s see what it is actually.

The process of deliberately using keywords again and again, just with the intention to increase the frequency of the keyword is known as Keyword Stuffing.

The keyword should come on its own or naturally, it should not be forced into the post.

I recently read an article by Neil Patel ( Marketer and Blogger, works for Fortune 500, makes 6 figures a month) with the title “ How I Accidentally topped on Google page 1

You know what was inside that article.

Neil Patel told that he wrote a guide on  Online marketing but it wasn’t focused on Keyword. He never cared about the keywords. You can read the guide here.

So the thing is that keywords are important but they should be used to a limit.

5. Write lengthy post

As I mentioned above about the post of Neil Patel, “How I accidentally topped on Google page 1′.

The post was actually about Online Marketing. I assume you have viewed the post as I have provided a link to it.

I told you that his post was not keyword focused, but then how did it top, that article is about 30,000 words long covering everything about online marketing.

So this is why his post topped the google page because it was the most informative of all so google gave it the top ranking.

But it certainly took time and to be precise it took 9 months to come at the top.

So, when you are writing a post try to write an article at least 1000-2000 words, Google surely love long and informative articles.

See the ideal blog post length

Because the more you write about a topic means you are providing an in-depth knowledge about that topic.

When you are to write a post see the top post in that section and try to provide better and much longer content than that covering every single point.

When ever you get the feeling that it’s enough, think about 30,000 words it will keep you motivated to write even more. Tell yourself If he can why can’t you?

6. Organize Content Properly 

organize properly

This is one of the most important points in How to write a blog post.


See if you have done all the things needed to make your blog post better but your content is not properly managed. Then all your hard work will go in vain.

Make sure to write small paragraphs. Don’t write more than 150 words in a single paragraph.

Every time you end a sentence. Try to write from next line.

It will be easier to read and understand. No one likes to read thousands of word without proper spacing.

Bold and Italicize words as needed.

An ugly post never makes the visitor stay for long. Use images effectively.

An image makes your post look better as well as they speak out more effectively than words.

As said,”A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Do try to add pictures where ever necessary.

Suppose, you have 2 books on the same topic with almost same content but one contains beautiful images and the other doesn’t. Which one will you prefer?

The one with the images I guess… Because images are much more interesting.

So try to add relevant images.

7. Do on- page SEO  

SEO - How to write a blog post

If you followed each and every point mentioned in this post.
I bet you know how to write a blog post effectively or the one that matters.

But the work is not just to write a good blog post our work is to write a good SEO optimized article that is loved by both visitors as well as Google.

For that, you need to make it SEO friendly.

How will you do that?

Use Keywords intelligently

Don’t stuff keywords in every single paragraph. It should come naturally if you try to put your keyword everywhere Google will find that and blacklist your post/website. So, try to avoid that.

Write an Attractive Meta description

A Meta description is a short description about the post. That is shown on Google page under your Post title. It is not included in the post itself.
Write a Meta description with a Call-to-Action element, so that everyone clicks on your search result rather than others.

All though it is not included in the Google search result Algorithm, it still plays a great role in Click rates.

Generally, it includes Learn How to, Step by step guide to etc, use your creative mind to come up with something Highlighting.

Shorten Url
Shorten the Url.

Url for the post is the address for that post.

Go to Settings -> Permalinks -> set it to post name.

Page Title

Page Title should be catchy and try to have the Keyword in the Title.

Because this is what Visitor searched for this will increase the click rate.

Suppose your post is about “How to Write a Blog post” so your title should be something like “How to Write a blog post that matters“, “How to Write an Awesome Blog post“, “How to write a blog content that people want to read”.

8. Mobile Friendly  

Mobile Friendly
Nowadays most of the visitors come through mobile phones, so make your Website as well as the blog (Webpage) mobile friendly.

Use Less bulky Images. Because mostly the load time depends on the size of Images. Lesser the size of your image more quickly the web page will load.

The more responsive it is for mobile the better SEO marks it will get.

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