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There is no such thing like ideal blog post length. So stop wasting your time in finding that specific magical number.

It is unreal

Your blog post length should be tailored made according to your audience.

I broke down the process into simple words:


Every Blogger wants 5 things with their Post:

# High Rank On Google
# Social Shares
More Readers
# Comments
# Links

Conclusion: Needs more and more visitors…

There are 3 types of Blog post length…

    • Short (less than 300 words)
    • Medium (between 800-1250 words)
    • Long (more than 1500 words)

Blog Post Length

1. Shorter blog post length:

Yes ! there are posts less than 300 words which are going viral on social media’s and breaking into a discussion zone.
If you don’t believe me…
See this:

Seth Godin - Blog Post Length

This post hardly has 200 words but see the no. of shares. This is the power of shorter posts.

So if your primary concern is to break your post into discussion zone you should go for shorter posts, that have a highly “seductive title” that no one can resist hitting.

According to a  research, it is advised to write a shorter and to the point post because it is believed that people don’t read word-by-word rather they scan through the article and focuses only on those points which are of their interest….
How users read on the web

( if you disagree,  I will prove it in this very  post )



Yes, you have 100’s of comments in your post but your post will never be loved by Google.
Google does look at the word count and if you have lesser no. of words for the same topic than others. You are not likely to score well on SERP.

Smaller posts are recommended for those who have already done the hard and have a huge number of fan following and subscribers already.

Not for the beginners and Intermediate bloggers… Unless you are Seth Godin

2. Longer Blog Post Length:

Google knows how to tell people who the real boss is… with making frequent changes in its algorithm.

Google surely knows how to keep an eye on everyone.

Earlier it was very easier for people to rank on Google but not now.

One of the deciding factor to rank on Google these days is the blog post length.

(Did you notice I skipped point no.2 Medium Length…Going word-by-word huh!  keep looking for other skips)

So if you really want to be on the top pages of Google you will have to give it all. Every single information available on the planet, you will have to give it all.

I will give you some examples :

1. Search for “Online Marketing“…

No. 1 result by “Neil” on online marketing.

Once I had subscribed to the newsletter from Neil Patel and one day I got an E-mail from him with a subject “How I accidentally topped on Google page 1“.
The title was so lucrative it made me click the link…

Wondering what was inside it:

It read “I didn’t crave for keywords and no it isn’t an 8000 words online marketing guide but it contains 30,000 words“.

30,000 words, this is how he topped so you know what values does blog post length holds…

2.  Search for Ranking Factor

Top result by Brian Dean of ” Backlinko”…

He put it all.  He said,  “Either I will make the list or die trying“.
This should be your attitude while writing a post.

3. Keyword Research tool

Drawback :

Okay ! if you write a longer and in depth article. Google will surely love that but …will your audience love it?

If you don’t have the proper skill to write an engaging article it is recommended not to go for a long article.

Suppose, a post is 10,000 words long & has the best information but lack interaction with the audience… Would you like to engage?I guess No

So, if you don’t know how to make your audience scroll down till the end, better shoot for smaller articles…

Keep Going, You are about to see something close to ideal blog post length

3. Medium blog post Length:

Blog post length ranging from 800- 1250 words is what I think is something close to ideal.

Because, According to a research, a  person usually spends an average of 2-3 minutes on a post. So shooting for this range will make your post eligible for every aspect that a blogger concerns for be it social media share, google ranking, comments and one can provide ample amount of information.


The only drawback is, if there is a competitor with the same keyword and have a post with a larger number of words, not the audience but Google is surely going to love that article more than yours unless you make people give links to yours… Like Brian Dean

Statistics by Serp IQ shows that article close to 2500 has the highest probability to rank on google.
Blog post length - Stats by serpIQ

Conclusion :

I think now you are clear with fact that Blog post length depends on the audience you are serving and what do you want to achieve with your post…

If you think I overlooked something important. Be kind to share…

How many words do you aim for while writing a post? Let’s see what bloggers are into these days…

  1. That will be helpful for me. I will keep this thing in mind from next time.

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  2. Very interesting. I’m a new blogger and wasn’t really aware of the implications of blog length to SEO.

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