Keyword Research Tools: The Whole Shebang List

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This is the Whole Shebang list of Keyword Research Tools.

In this list, you will find all the Keyword Research tools available over the internet in this list.

Some of them are paid and some are free… Some are famous while others are not…

…some are not even keyword research tool but useful for keyword research…

These tools make it easier to find the right and less competitive keyword for a Website/blog.

So, let’s see what The Whole Shebang List has to offer to you:


1. SEMrush

This tool has gained a lot of popularity these days and is the top contender in my list. I visited a website lately in which many blogging experts including Brian Dean (Backlinko) have voted SEMrush as their first preference.

2. Google Adwords

When it comes to keyword research Google Adwords is an integral part of it. Something that can’t be overlooked.
Every keyword research starts with Google Adwords/Google Keyword Planner. it gives you the no. of monthly searches and you can’t doubt the result of very own Google.

3. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword is the best in business when it comes to going deeper and deeper. With it very easy method to provide the result. It is one of the best Keyword research tools out there.

4. Ahref’s Keyword Explorer

Ahref is what big bloggers like Neil Patel (QuickSprout) & Brian Dean use to see their competitors backlinks and used keyword…You can use this tool to reach out to your competitor’s backlink source…

5. Seocockpit 
When you open this site you can see the comment from Brian Dean (Backlinko) saying that it’s the most advanced keyword research tools…It shows you less competitive keywords and also shows the relation from eBay, Amazon or You tube…

6. Long Tail Pro 
It is indeed a complete keyword finder tool.

7. Uber Suggest
A free tool that lets you search keyword for the web, images, youtube, shopping as well as news.

8. Keyword Snatcher

9. Serp IQ    


10. Market Samurai

11. Soovle

12. Traffic Travis

13. Spy Fu
(Free + Recommended) Gives all the details about your competitor’s website. Which keywords are ranking good and which are not.

14. Wordtracker

15. Serp Stat
The free version will give you enough stats about the keyword. Recommended.


17. SERP woo

18. Grep Words

19. Bright Edge

20. Knime

21. Market Muse
Just give it a look. You will be overwhelmed by the homepage.

22. Seed Keywords 


23. Hit Tail

24. Team Explorer

25. Linkdex

26. Similar Web

27. Web CEO

28. Ninja Outreach

29. Keyword Shitter

30. Keywordspy

31. Wordstream Keyword Research Tool

32. Fresh Key

33. Search Metrics

34. ispionage

35. Keyword eye

36. Webbee spider

37. Scrape Box

These all were actually the Keyword Research tools.

But as I said at the starting that this list not only contains the keyword research tools but also other effective and popular method to do Keyword research…

But the following sites and methods can help you see what people are engaged in…

1. Buzzsumo

2. Alltop

3. Quora

4. Reddit

5. Forums:

Find keywords by typing this in the search box, “your keyword”+ “forums”.

6. Wikipedia

If you think I overlooked any point. Let me know.

If you want more detailed article…Please comment down…!!!

  1. Nice post . Great list of Keyword Research tools. Really helpful this article. I am using google keyword research tools and Kw finder it perfectly work for me. Thank you for this article.

    • Sudeep Giri

      Thank You for the appreciation Timmy

      But if you want to do extensive keyword research. I would like you to go for Semrush