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I will tell you 8 reasons Why Your Blog Will Never Grow

Ever, wondered why your blog is not growing?

What might you be doing the wrong way…

…that’s stopping your blog from growing and why you don’t see any traffic at all?

Why your blog doesn’t have views while others are making money out of it…

Although! You are finding the right keyword & putting it as the SEO guru’s says, writing more and more content, commenting on other blogs, exhausting yourself every day to get more visitors but all in vain…

Still! No progress… this way Your Blog Will Never Grow

In this post, I will walk you through the 8 mistakes that can possibly be stopping your blog to grow.

See the bitter truth is starting a blog and maintaining it, isn’t easy and it requires a lot of effort and hard work to make a presence over the already crowded Internet… but no one becomes successful without hard work and dedication. So, it is no different.

Enough of motivation for now:

My point was that you might be doing something unintentionally or intentionally (Who Knows!) that’s hurting the growth of your blog.

Let’s see what can be those:


1. Your Content Sucks

Do you like half cooked food? Obviously Not!

Same goes with blog posts… No one likes post with half information…

If you are into blogging field for some time, you might have heard the Jargon “Content is King” by now. If not…you have now!

You want your blog to grow (who doesn’t?), provide awesome and fresh content to your reader so that they get what they came looking for.

The success of any blog mostly depends on the content that it holds. Rests are the strategies to make it visible to the right audience.

So start writing informative and detailed articles. If your reader loves your content they will surely come back and also suggest others to do so.

Haven’t anyone suggested you any blog/blogger so far? Think…Think!

Also if your content is good and provides solution other bloggers will surely like to refer their readers to your site.

And! Why not?

The ultimate goal of a blog is to help people find the right solution. Isn’t it?

Learn: How to write a Blog post

2. You Write for Google, not Reader

This is one of the biggest mistakes that I found very common in the Blogging world. Bloggers are trying very hard to outplay Google to rank better; this is where they start making mistakes.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t optimize your blog posts you should! But don’t waste time and energy to fit your keywords after every 50 words.

Everyone will notice that! And that sucks!

You need to realize that ultimately your post is going to read by a human, not Search Engine. If it is liked by humans, Search Engine will take that into consideration and you will see the result otherwise same results as usual…

People come to your blog to solve their problems…

CONCLUSION: Make your post, Reader-friendly, not Google (Search Engine) friendly.

3. You are too Impatient to publish (Ooh! Gosh I haven’t published anything recently let me publish one)

Just because you read somewhere that Google loves a blog that is frequent with their posts!

True enough…

But does that anywhere means you should compromise with the quality of the blog post…

I would once again like to focus on this “Ultimately your blog is going to be read by Human not Google”.

So before posting any blog post make sure you do proofread your post and make changes accordingly.

Usually, newbie bloggers get impatient and try to publish 3-4 articles daily and there…

…there you lose your readers trust and interest my friend because although you are posting frequently, your content is not satisfying and nowhere near to bring that “wow” moment that holds visitor…

Conclusion: Do not fast forward, be patient and put all your efforts in the post.

4. Not Utilizing the power of Guest Post

Guest post is one of the quickest methods to get attention in the blogging world. You make connections with other bloggers and get to know what strategies others are using.

Plus, sometimes/every time (if I’m not wrong) you get a Backlink to your site but that should not be your primary motto of Guest Post. Google has got clever than ever before.

Attention here: Submit your Guest Post on TrickyCareer

But then what is the motto of doing Guest post?

To make connections with other bloggers. You really need it if you want to be a part of a long race.

Learn new things from them. You can ask them anything in return of Guest post.

An Opportunity to showcase your talent in front of other blog visitors which will attract them towards you and eventually your blog.

It will make you more versatile as a writer and help you build your online reputation.

Conclusion: Do at least one Guest Post every month

5. No Proper Research

Your Blog will never grow…!!!


You want your posts to appear on Google top pages without doing proper research about the post you are going to publish.

Are you kidding?

I’m afraid blogging world is already overcrowded and there are little chances that the topic you are writing about is not already been written by someone else.

So why would anyone want to come to your blog?

And even better question why should Google bother to give you a higher rank than others?

The simple answer is the world is not constant every single day there is something new. If there is a post

already been written the only way you can outrank it is by providing much more detail and adding newer things. Google surely has a soft corner for fresh content.

CONCLUSION: Do extensive research on the topic you are going to make a post on.

6. No Interlinking

Hey! This is something serious Google is getting smarter with time…

And so should you! Fair enough…right?

When you link from one post in your blog to other posts of your blog (TrickyCareer to TrickyCareer) it is called Interlinking.

How does Interlinking help in growing your blog?

Alike YouTube, Google has started considering the time spent by a reader on your blog posts/website. It helps Google understand how a person reacts to someone’s blog.

If you are interlinking to different blog posts in an article. It will surely increase the time spent on your post & reduce the bounce rate.

If you have not interlinked your blog posts a visitor will rarely bother to read other posts on your website.

So make sure you give them a chance to see more from you…

CONCLUSION: Interlinking is a must.

7. No Promotion

You find the best images, do proper keyword research and do interlinking and come up with a killer post…

Is that enough!

No wonder why people spend billions of Dollars on Ads to promote their products/services…?

Because they want to get seen… Even if you have made a killer post but, how will others get to know about it?

This is where most of the blog/website stop growing and fall into the pit hole…

No proper use of Social Media.

Once you hit the publish button the real struggle starts right from there. You need to promote your blog post on either 2 of social media platforms. Be it Quora, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter etc…

Otherwise, there is no way your post is going to get seen by others to be appreciated.

CONCLUSION: Spend most of the time and energy on promotion. And if possible little money too…

8. Don’t Know How to Comment on others blog

Very nice article. Keep up the good work… (The most common comment I see)

Is this the best you got…?

You don’t even bother to read the article. You just scroll to the end of the post and place your comment there, place a link to your website and leave a very ugly comment

The very first time the author reads this kind of comments, I can assure you he/she gets to know that you haven’t even gone through the article.

Read: Benefits of Blog Commenting

You just left a comment in hope to get a Backlink to your post.

This is where you lose the opportunity to build relationships with other bloggers. If you consistently provide a good suggestion in form of comment. The owner of the blog might notice you and others too.

That can help you build relationships and ultimately make more successful as a blogger…

CONCLUSION: Before leaving a comment on others blog make sure you read the whole article thoroughly and try to provide either a suggestion or ask a genuine question about the post that you didn’t understand or would like much more details that will help both you and others too…

That’s all from my side:

Do you think I overlooked anything important?

Is there anything that has hurt your blog growth in any way?

Would you like to share your experience… I’m all ears…

  1. So I have to post regularly and comment daily on other blogs.
    This is very good post. No doubt. Thanks for sharing. Is it possible to get 1000 visitors in one month ?

    • Sudeep Giri

      Indeed it is possible. Aim for low competitive keywords and you will see results very fast